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Posted 13 Nov, 2015

Botox can ease shingles pain

Jabs of anti-wrinkle drug Botox can ease severe nerve pain triggered by shingles, according to new research.It was found to be more effective than the anaesthetic lidocaine in treating postherpetic neuralgia – a condition in which extreme nerve pain continues for months or even years after a shingles rash has healed. M...
Posted 10 Feb, 2015

Neck injection for post traumatic stress disorder

A nearly century-old anesthesia technique is showing promise as treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, relieving symptoms in 70 percent of combat veterans who received it once or more, according to a new review. The therapy, stellate ganglion block, or SGB, quelled symptoms of PTSD, such as sleep disturbances, a...
Posted 09 Feb, 2015

Stellate ganglion block for hot flushes

Vasomotor symptoms, more commonly known as “hot flashes,” can be effectively treated with a stellate ganglion block (SGB), researchers have found. The study is the first prospective, randomized clinical trial testing the efficacy of SGB in treating vasomotor symptoms, according to the researchers. The results are consi...
Posted 07 Feb, 2015

New non-surgical treatment for hip pain

Innovative treatment brings new hope to patients with chronic hip pain from osteoarthritis, if they wish to avoid surgery. The cooled radiofrequency treatment deactivates pain-causing sensory nerves to the hip joint, providing relief from chronic pain. Please click on the link below to read more about this new treatmen...
Posted 31 May, 2014

Vitamin D deficiency & chronic pain

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a number of health issues. And now, a new study to be presented at a conference run by the British Society for Rheumatology suggests that low levels of vitamin D in the body are linked to chronic widespread pain. The researchers note that in the UK, chronic widespread […]
Posted 22 Jan, 2014

NICE approves migraine magnet therapy

“Hope for migraine sufferers as gadget that zaps pain with the push of a button is approved,” says the Mail Online, reporting a newly approved magnetic therapy. The widespread media coverage follows the publication of new guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on the use...

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Posted 17 Jun, 2017

5 Tips to Cope with Chronic Pain by Psychologist Ellen Hendriksen

According to the Institute of Medicine, a whopping 100 million Americans—that’s one in three—suffer from some sort of chronic pain. And if you’re one of them, chances are at least one doctor has told you, “It’s all in your head.” The trick is that chronic pain wears many disguises. Sometimes chronic pain is psychosomat...