Skype Video Consultation with Dr Krishna

If you would like to speak to Dr Krishna from the comfort of your home or your office, you can arrange for a private video consultation via Skype.

How our service works

  1. Provide us your preferred dates and times for a consultation
  2. Fill out a short form, detailing your condition.
  3. Receive advice and information from Dr Krishna through Skype

Video consultations are easy to arrange and offer a convenient and cost effective alternative to seeing a private doctor in a clinic.

Appointments can be booked by telephone or email. Patient details and payment are taken at the time of booking, together with your contact information for making the telephone call or Skype video call.

Telephone: 0117 287238307703 292692


Skype consultation

Dr Krishna can call you by telephone or connect via Skype video link, depending on your preference, at the appointed time. During the consultation Dr Krishna will ask you various questions regarding your pain problem and any related conditions. He will ask you questions regarding your general health, sleep, mood and activities as these can be closely linked to your pain problem. He may ask you some questions regarding your family and work.

Dr Krishna will ask you details of any medications you are taking for your pain or for any other medical conditions. Please keep a copy of your current prescription ready for your reference. Please do not forget to tell Dr Krishna about any blood thinning medications you are taking. These include warfarin, aspirin, clopidogrel, rivaroxaban, dabigatran, apixaban, heparin and so on.

Dr Krishna will need details of investigations you have had in the past with regards to your current pain problem. Please keep copies of reports and letters from previous consultations ready for your reference during the consultation.

Your appointment with Dr Krishna will last up to 45 minutes. Dr Krishna will discuss various treatment options including medications, interventional treatments (injections) and rehabilitation. Dr Krishna will be happy to answer your queries and clear any doubts that you may have regarding the management plan. Following your consultation with Dr Krishna you will receive a detailed letter, a copy of which will be sent to your GP and any other specialist currently involved in your care.

Limitations of Skype consultation

Dr Krishna will obviously not be able to examine you if you choose a skype consultation rather than visiting in person. In some cases, medical examination may be essential and Dr Krishna will advise you accordingly.

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