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Dr Murli Krishna

Consultant Pain Medicine

f7a0a54c92471ac4480e727e4ccf93df_sDr Krishna is a Consultant in Pain Medicine in Bristol. He has trained in Anaesthesia and has successfully completed a fellowship in Pain Medicine in the UK.

Dr Krishna is committed to a career in Pain Medicine. The issues of pain assessment and management captured Dr Krishna’s attention early on in his medical career, when he realized the high prevalence and constant under treatment of pain in the hospitals and the community. Though pain is considered to be the 5th vital sign, the adverse consequences of inadequately managed pain continue to be ignored by the majority of health care professionals. Through Pain Spa Dr Krishna is committed to improving the pain and suffering of patients with chronic pain.

Dr Krishna has a wide range of experience in treating patients with chronic pain. He currently treats more than 500 new patients annually in the NHS and deals with a wide range of chronic pain conditions. His specialist interests include back pain, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia and interventional pain treatments.

Dr Krishna firmly believes in the holistic approach of pain management, one that focuses not only on pain relief but also the functional and emotional well being of the patient. He is a great advocate of patient empowerment through patient education and considers clinical consultation to be a partnership based on effective communication and collaboration between the patient and the doctor.

Dr Krishna is a member of the Faculty of Pain Medicine in the UK and is registered with the General Medical Council.

Jan Mckechnie

Pain Nurse

867519228d1d5325856fc61d710ded0e_sJan is a highly experienced professional nurse who has dedicated her career to the care of patients with chronic pain. She started her nursing career in 1982 and spent her initial years gaining experience in a wide range of local hospitals and community settings. It did not take her long to embrace the meaning of health in the true sense: a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. She felt privileged to be able to reduce the pain and suffering of her patients but at the same time realized that pain is generally under-treated in the hospitals and the community. This played an important role in shaping her career and paved the way to her current role as a chronic pain nurse.

Jan is committed to a career in pain management and through Pain Spa, wants to realize her dream of pain free lives for her patients.

Jan has several personal qualities that distinguish her from the average. She has the unique ability of bonding with her patients and making them feel relaxed and wanted. She is always compassionate and sensitive to the needs of her patients. Her excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills make her an invaluable member of the multi disciplinary team.

Nursing is just one of the many facets of this multi talented individual. Jan is a professional make up artist and has successfully run a wedding business for many years. She trained as a Creative Colour Consultant under Carol Spenser. As a make up artist Jan gives utmost importance to understanding and satisfying the needs of the individual but at same time uses her creative and artistic flair to achieve that magic look.

Jan is an experienced Reiki Practitioner at master/teacher level. Reiki focuses not only on the physical being of an individual but also on the mental and emotional aspects and hence is considered a holistic therapy.

Pain Spa is proud to have Jan Mckechnie as their lead nurse.

Jo Creedy

Medical Secretary

fa55c8bad0e242eb7986dc1135b50adb_sJo Creedy is a fully qualified medical secretary with more than 17 years experience. She has spent a major part of her career with the Pain clinic in the NHS and has found her work extremely rewarding. Jo fully comprehends the unique challenges faced by chronic pain patients and strives hard to provide an outstanding and compassionate service.

At Pain Spa our guiding principle is ‘Patients First’. Putting patients first not only requires excellence in clinical care but also ensuring that every encounter with our team is a positive experience for them. As the first point of contact with the patients, Jo plays a vital role in fulfilling our mission of consistently providing a patient- centered service that exceeds their expectations. With excellent communication and organizational skills and high level of interpersonal skills Jo is able to deal confidently and sensitively with our patients.

Keen attention to detail, ability to stay calm under pressure, remaining focused and working to tight deadlines, maintaining confidentiality and respecting patient privacy are some of the many attributes that make Jo Creedy an indispensible member of the Pain Spa team.

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