Constant pain’ after ‘simple’ hysterectomy

April 23rd, 2023
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A former NHS employee who has lost her ability to work, her friends and her social life due to a crippling condition has called for the medical profession to learn more from the hundreds of “forgotten” women who suffer from it.

Marion Jones, 64, from Hereford, had a “simple” hysterectomy and operation on her prolapsed uterus eight years ago which left her with pudendal neuralgia, long-term pelvic pain that originates from damage or irritation of the pudendal nerve – a main nerve in the pelvis which supplies areas including male and female genitalia and the area around the anus and rectum.

Her life changed dramatically overnight leaving her with such intense pain she can no longer sit for more than 15 minutes. She cannot even wear underwear as just a light touch of clothing is uncomfortable.

“They damaged the nerves during the operation but I thought it was just going to get better,” Ms Jones told i. “I waited and waited, but it didn’t.”

Ms Jones, who used to work in the NHS until her operation in 2011, is part of a Facebook group of over 600 women who have pudendal neuralgia – either from a hysterectomy, childbirth, an accident, or riding a bike or horse. Some do not know why they suffer from the condition.

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