Helping PTSD With A Shot: The New Treatments That Are Changing Lives

February 8th, 2022
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When Shauna Springer told me that a simple shot in the neck could bring resolution of chronic post-traumatic stress symptoms, it sounded too good to be true. Current therapies help a lot of people, but many of those with chronic PTSD spend years treated with medications and therapy and still don’t get better. So how could a single shot make a difference?

People with chronic PTSD do the best they can to live their lives with their bodies on overdrive. Because they’ve experienced life-threatening or traumatic events, their whole nervous system has gotten locked into protecting them from danger. The world feels unsafe and their stress hormones run on high all the time.

Now mounting research evidence shows that innovative therapies can help those with post-traumatic stress. Even better, they help much faster than conventional treatments do.

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