Millions of adults are living with ‘Great Pain Shame’

December 15th, 2023
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A study found that those with an ailment that affects their day-to-day existence rarely tell others about the pain they are in.

A study, of 2,000 people, found 52 per cent have an ailment that affects their day-to-day existence, but of these, one in 10 haven’t told a single soul. And 65 per cent have only mentioned to a select few.

Incontinence, irritable bowel syndrome, peri-menopause and severe period pain are some of the top things adults are choosing to keep to themselves. While others mask things like back pain, fibromyalgia and skin wounds or conditions. Staying indoors as much as possible (14 per cent), turning down social invitations (13 per cent) and avoiding going outdoors in the heat (11 per cent), are among the top ways sufferers choose to hide their pain.

Nearly six in 10 (56 per cent) would rather not talk to anyone about what they are going through – with 45 per cent preferring to try and forget as much as possible. And 41 per cent don’t want to be rendered incapable of doing everyday things.

A spokesman for hygiene and health company Essity, which commissioned the study alongside a taboo-busting video series, said: “More than half the nation is currently suffering with a diagnosed condition, which affects them on a daily basis.

“That figure is really incredible and just highlights how important it is to get everyone talking about what they are going through.

“Suffering in silence is not a great remedy for pain – it doesn’t make it easier to manage and doesn’t make it go away.

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