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Tel: 0117 2872383 or 07703292692

Email: clinic@painspa.co.uk

Fax: 0117 2140301


If you wish to post a referral letter please use the following address:
Dr M Krishna
Consultant Pain Medicine
Chesterfield Nuffield Hospital
3 Clifton Hill
Clifton, Bristol

Healthcare Professionals

Dr Krishna is available for private clinic consultations at the Willow surgery in Downend, Bristol. He is also available for private consultations at the Chesterfield Nuffield Hospital in Clifton, Bristol.
On the NHS Dr Krishna works with a multidisciplinary team in the Pain Clinic at South Mead Hospital.
Dr Krishna works in close association with Physiotherapists and Pain Psychologists and offers a holistic approach aimed at functional improvement, in addition to pain relief.
Dr Krishna is more than happy to talk to you directly if you wish to discuss any aspect of your patient’s care.

Waiting times

Our waiting times in the private sector are minimal (less than 2 weeks) and we work flexibly as per patients needs. Appointments are available during day times as well as evenings.


Dr Krishna will send a detailed letter from the consultation to the referring healthcare professional. A copy of the letter will also be sent to the patient and their GP. Letters are usually sent out promptly (within 4-5 working days) except in circumstances beyond our control.