Chronic Abdominal Pain due to Abdominal Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment

Presenting complaint

The patient presented with chronic abdominal pain of more than 18 months duration. The pain was localized to one side, without any radiation.

The patient had been unable to work for at least 12 months because of the severity of her pain.

Previous investigations/ treatments

The patient had seen various specialists in the past including gastrointestinal physician, colorectal surgeon and a gynaecologist. Various investigations were done including blood tests, endoscopies, CT scan, ultrasound scan and MRI scan of the bowel but no cause could be identified.

The patient underwent diagnostic laparoscopy without benefit and again no cause for her pain was identified.

The patient was taking multiple painkillers including morphine-based medications but her pain control was still poor.

Treatment from Dr. Krishna at Pain Spa

The patient saw Dr. Krishna at his private clinic in Bristol, desperate for some answers. Dr. Krishna diagnosed Abdominal Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment, based on history and examination findings.

Dr. Krishna performed abdominal cutaneous nerve block under ultrasound guidance, which relieved the pain completely for about 6 weeks. Dr. Krishna then performed abdominal cutaneous nerve ablation under ultrasound guidance. The patient had excellent pain relief from this procedure.


The patient continues to be pain-free several months after the abdominal cutaneous nerve ablation treatment. The patient has managed to go back to work after being off sick for more than 12 months.

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