Knee pain from osteoarthritis

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Presenting Complaint

48 year old gentleman with constant pain in his right knee of at least 18 months duration. He described pain as a constant aching sensation, exacerbated by standing and walking. His walking ability was restricted to less than 250 yards. He was unable to exercise and enjoy any sports. Pain would occasionally come on at night time and disturb his sleep.

Previous Investigations/ Treatments

Over the last several months patient had input from various specialists including the physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and the orthopaedic team. Xray of the knee revealed moderate osteoarthritis with some loss of joint space, multiple osteophytes and thinning of the cartilage. However, the orthopaedic team was not keen on surgical treatment as patient was deemed too young for joint replacement surgery. Patient was recommended conservative management including pain killers and analgesia. Unfortunately his pain continued to be poorly controlled in spite of regular pain killers. He tried a TENS machine without benefit and acupuncture did not prove useful either.

Treatment from Dr. Krishna at Pain Spa

The patient saw Dr. Krishna in his clinic at the Willow surgery in Bristol, desperate for some pain relief. Dr. Krishna discussed various management options including stronger pain killers, steroid injections, visco supplementation, Genicular nerve blocks and Nstride PRP treatment. The patient was not keen on steroid injections because of the associated side effects and the limited duration of pain relief. He wanted to try PRP therapy as  his understanding was that this treatment could help in regeneration of the cartilage to some extent and would offer a longer term solution. He subsequently underwent Nstride PRP treatment under ultrasound guidance at our Willow surgery clinic in Bristol.


The patient had excellent pain relief from Nstride PRP treatment. He reported significant improvement in the knee pain as well as his function within 8-10 weeks of treatment. He was able to walk much farther distances and also play sports without much discomfort. He stopped using most of his pain killers. He was further reviewed at 12 months and he continued to be pain free.

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Knee n-STRIDE APS Injection for Osteoarthritis