Vulvodynia treated with Pudendal Nerve Blocks

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Presenting Complaint

50-year-old lady, complaining of pain in the vulva, that has been persistent for several years. She describes a constant burning sensation and sensitivity to light touch in the area. Pain is exacerbated with sexual intercourse. She complains of difficulty with the evacuation of her bowels as well as emptying the bladder. Her pain is having a significant impact on her mood and overall well-being.

She also suffers from interstitial cystitis and widespread pain from fibromyalgia.

Previous Investigations/ Treatments

She had a review from various specialists in the past including neurology, gynaecology, and neurosurgeons. The gynaecology team recommended conservative management for the vulval pain. The neurology team investigated her with a pelvic MRI scan which did not show any specific abnormality that could account for her ongoing pain.

She was taking Amitriptyline 100mg at night and sertraline for her mood.

Treatment from Dr Krishna at Pain Spa

This patient underwent bilateral Pudendal nerve blocks under ultrasound guidance and got excellent pain relief lasting up to 10 weeks. The sensitive and the burning sensation improved significantly with the injections but started coming back gradually after about 10 weeks. She further underwent bilateral Pudendal Pulsed radiofrequency ablation under ultrasound guidance and got very good benefit from the treatment.


She was relatively pain-free 3 months post-procedure. She managed to reduce the Amitriptyline to 50mg at night. The treatment improved her relationship with her partner and had a positive impact on her mood and overall well being.

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