Surgeons tackle chronic pain at hernia meeting

Posted 14 Nov, 2015 [ssba]

Chronic groin pain after hernia surgery is now considered the most important issue facing inguinal hernia surgeons and their patients. Yet, there is still much uncertainty surrounding what causes the pain and how to prevent it.

Although pain estimates vary considerably, on average, studies reveal that approximately 10% to 12% of patients report moderate to severe chronic pain after inguinal hernia repair, with about 0.5% to 6% experiencing pain so severe that it affects their daily activities (J Pain Res 2014;7:277-290). Given that an estimated 20 million inguinal hernia repairs are performed annually around the world—800,000 of which occur in the United States—even 0.5% represents a robust patient group (1 million worldwide, 40,000 in the United States).

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