The last-ditch cure for migraine: A jab in the back of the head

January 13th, 2019
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Over the past ten years I’ve suffered from a migraine every couple of months, but in the past year this increased to two a week, and I was spending 85 percent of my time in bed, unable to function. Migraines affect 15 percent of the population, but do so in different ways — some people get auras (visual or sensory disturbances), most people get sensitivity to light and sound, and nearly everyone suffers from the head pain.

Doctors aren’t entirely sure what causes them; they only know it’s a life-long condition with no known cure.

They’re not just little headaches — they consist of pounding pain where the tiniest noise feels like a knife slicing through my head. I would lie in a dark, quiet room and cry from the pain. My GP couldn’t explain why my migraines had become more frequent (‘Are you stressed?’ she asked unhelpfully), prescribing various painkillers and triptans (pills that narrow the blood vessels, which dilate during a migraine). Even though they didn’t take the edge off the pain, she insisted I persist with them. I was too exhausted to argue. My previously energetic life quickly dwindled into nothing.

I declined all social invitations, and attempting to prevent the attacks became a lonely, all-consuming obsession.

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