NHS hernia mesh repairs ‘leaving patients in chronic pain’

April 9th, 2022
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NHS England is using mesh to repair hernias which leaves many patients in chronic pain, surgeons have told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme.

The concerns come after it emerged that more than 800 women are taking legal action against the NHS over the use of vaginal mesh implants. One woman said she was left “screaming on all fours from the agonising pain”. NHS England said mesh implants had been successfully used to treat hernias for several decades.

The material is its “recommended method” for treating the condition. It is used on tens of thousands of patients every year.

‘Fiery burning agony’

A hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue pokes through a gap where the muscle has weakened. It most commonly takes place in the groin.

The use of mesh involves pushing bulging tissue back into the abdomen and covering it with the material and can be delivered via open or keyhole surgery.

Leila Hackett had an umbilical hernia mesh repair in 2013.

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