Finally a cure for long COVID? Drug used to treat alcohol and opioid addiction is found to relieve persistent brain fog and fatigue

October 18th, 2022
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A drug used to treat addiction could be what millions of long Covid sufferers around the world need to finally address their symptoms.

Naltrexone is a generic drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat both alcohol and opioid addicts.

But in small trials, it has been able to relieve long Covid patients of lingering ailments like brain fog and fatigue that last months after the initial infection.

The drug – sold under the brand name Revia – is now being touted as a crucial piece of the puzzle of long Covid that has stumped experts for over two years.

Larger trials are underway and scientists are still searching for the mechanism as to why naltrexone seems to be so effective against chronic Covid.

Current treatments for long Covid include therapy targeted at the symptoms a person is feeling to manage the condition, though there are no universal treatments.

Treatments include physical therapy and drug to manage symptoms like chronic pain, respiratory issues and others.

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