Whiplash Injury and Botox Treatment

Presenting Complaint

The patient suffered whiplash injury following a road traffic accident, resulting in constant neck pain and headaches. The pain was exacerbated by routine activities and working on the computer. The patient found it difficult to carry on with his job as an electrician.

Previous Investigations/Treatments

The patient was investigated with an x-ray of the cervical spine and MRI scan which were reported as normal.

The patient had seen various specialists including osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists without benefit. The patient continued to take various painkillers on a regular basis with limited benefit.

Treatment from DR. Krishna at Pain Spa

The patient saw Dr. Krishna at his private clinic in Bristol, desperate for treatment of his neck pain. Dr. Krishna offered trigger point injections with Botox under real-time ultrasound guidance, targeting the trapezius muscles in the neck.

The response to Botox injections was phenomenal, with complete relief of neck pain within 2 weeks.


The patient continued to be relatively pain-free when reviewed at 6 months. The patient returned to his job as an electrician and managed to take on a major project.

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